Litchfield Research provides magazine publishers with branded studies and customized research on nearly any topic. With our expertise, and based on your unique objectives, we can recommend the kind of research project needed to secure the information you require. Because no two clients or markets are exactly the same, we design and implement research projects to produce and present the data you need in a deliverable that works best for you and your clients.


Score 6™ — Captures reader reactions to the Design, Message and Effectiveness of select advertisements. Score 6 provides advertisers with timely feedback and insights directly from the audience they are trying to reach with their marketing efforts. Verbatim comments add depth to a report that can help advertisers design ads that resonate with their intended audience.



Lead ADvantage® — Proactively reaches out to a publication’s readers to identify what products and services they plan to purchase. Select advertisers receive these plans in categories relevant to their businesses. Publications are credited with delivering increased ROI to their advertisers and can also use the results to identify or confirm trends in their industry.


Readership Surveys — Whether it’s a survey to update readership demographics and reading habits or capture reader feedback on a pressing industry topic, our readership studies deliver useful, timely information while providing a snapshot of publishers’ readers.

Other Research

  • Industry salary survey
  • Brand awareness
  • Competitive analysis
  • Vendor ranking
  • Pre-advertising benchmarking
  • Post-advertising benchmarking
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Editorial studies
  • Lead generation
  • Pre-event feasibility
  • Post-event feedback
  • Industry issues

Other Services

  • Script development
  • Evaluation/consultation