At Litchfield Research, we design and execute surveys for business-to-business and business-to-consumer magazine publishers that deliver ROI to current advertisers and help attract new ones. Through our branded and non-branded studies, we gather information that demonstrates why advertisers need to reach your audience.
These tools help advertisers determine where their best value is in placing their money, and trust. Strong data backs up the sales force and promotional materials and creates a strong brand image.

Anna Stashower, CEO/Publisher

With the ever-changing ways readers consume content, we know you need to consistently demonstrate the value of your audience to advertisers. Litchfield can help validate the importance, responsiveness and relevance of your audience.

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We found Litchfield Research to be professional and prompt. The best part is their survey helped us uncover hidden data which turned into new advertisers. Love it!

Rodney Auth, Publisher
Northstar Publishing Inc.

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